Jan_Patrick (DE)

Einfach, simpel und funktioniert problemlos. Macht Spaß!


createque (PL)

Jestem bardzo wrażliwy na punkcie UI. Nawet najlepsza aplikacja przegrywa dla mnie jeżeli jej szata graficzna jest amatorska. Tutaj mamy wszystko w komplecie: profesjonalną szatę graficzną znakomicie zintegrowaną z Mac OS + bogactwo funkcjonalności w zakresie zarządzania zakładkami i nie tylko. To co mnie zdecydowanie zachwyciło to Anydock - dock na wzór tego z Maca, ale na potrzeby zakładek - znakomite i jedyne w swoim rodzaju rozwiązanie.

The new icon was fine! But so is this newer one.

Big Appletite (US)

Keep up the great work

Ottima e accessibile

Andreino the best (IT)

ROttima app, potente e accessibile con VoiceOver. Congratulazioni

Best inbox solution

auspous (IN)

I have tried a whole variety of options including quick notes feature of apple notes, drafts, google keep, onenote, cubox, raindrop. Nothing comes close to the easy in and easy out philosophy and implementation of Anybox. Process anything into same inbox - be it text, web page bookmark, image, file. I use it to capture fleeting thoughts, short pieces of information that you would reuse and also just a word or two from a webpage. It’s also the best solution for bookmarking a piece of text or link you found on some social platform or messaging app. Just ‘one tap to Anybox’ and you are done. No need to move to another app or select a bunch of things just to process a tiny bit of information later on. The mac app is also wonderful and the Lock Screen widget means for the first time on iOS I am always one tap away from pulling out my phone and storing a thought. The developer is also very responsive and I am grateful that they implemented a feature I requested. Thank you for making my life better!

Outstanding Scriptable Native Pinboard/Raindrop replacement

marlowe310 (US)

Just perfect. A beautiful native app for both mac and iOS, works just how you expect it to, imports form everything, and lets you keep additional text/image files in there too just for reference. Built in quick find, and hugely extensible via launchers. Lifetime payment is more than a fair price too, given the incredibly active development. If you’re looking for more control over your saved links, this is absolutely what you’re looking for.

A fantastic app (ES)

A fantastic app to collect and get your bookmarks and read later items organized. With the availability for iOS, iPadOS and macOS a no-brainer. I use it daily.

Something very interesting going on here

Shukur (GB)

This is a well thought out and focussed place for bookmarks, images and text. It serves well as either a staging area or a library. It’s stable. It has a nice design and user experience. It respects all the Apple conventions you can think of and then some: things like Smart Lists, and Shortcuts support, that competitors make a song and dance about refusing to support. It’s also polished well beyond MVP standard. Basically it has popped up out of nowhere and is now the best bookmarking app. I don’t think the main competitor will be able to respond, because they’ve had years to try to comprehend even one of the many issues that Anybox has already solved.

The missing bookmark manager for Apple devices

No Agency (GB)

Bookmarks appear to be an afterthought on iOS. This app goes way ahead in resolving that. With it's native design and one-click save. Very promising.

Best-in-class bookmarking manager

AndrewReviewer123 (US)

Anybox is the bookmarking manager I have wanted for years and has quickly become an essential tool in my workflow. The app's easy in / easy out philosophy with global shortcuts, URL schemes, and AppleScript support helps it to integrate seamlessly with other apps and existing workflows. This is a best-in-class app that I hope to use for years to come!

Great tool

los Hopkins (US)

High quality APP, brought at first sight. Worked mostly as my expectations. Looking forward to the future release and functions.


_silop_ (TR)

Forget safari bookmarks. Anybox is fast and practical. Combined with the macOS version, I finally find a solution to a long standing problem.

Anybox is the perfect bookmarking app

alxjdn (CA)

Great app, very customizable and easy to use. I've been looking for an app just like this and Anybox delivered. Excellent job by the developer.

Well featured bookmark manager

Ian125432 (GB)

This is a great bookmark manager with a read it later capability. Many ways of getting links in, categories, smart lists etc all male managing bookmarks pretty easy. You can select items to be archived for reading later as well. It can be a bit tricky working out how some of it works as the docs are a bit messy. However, the developer is very helpful and happy to answer questions and has said he will make the docs better. Thoroughly recommended.


Bsek80 (CA)

Developer, what's it like being a prodigy? Does developing a perfect app like Anybox come easy? A Normie like me can tie a shoelace easy enough. Is it like that? I bet it is, this app is awesome. 10/10

Great private bookmarking app

__Maxime__ (CA)

Great replacement for or pinboard with added privacy since it syncs through iCloud. Lots of features and responsive dev.