Frequently Asked Questions

How to Opt In More Browsers?

Option + click menu bar icon and select “Advanced Preferences…”.

Currently these browsers are supported: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, DuckDuckGo, and Opera.

Where is Safari extension?

Safari extension is bundled with the app. To enable, go to Safari → Preferences → Extensions → Anybox.

How to Enable Share Menu in macOS?

Go to System Preferences → Extensions → Share Menu. Select “Save to Anybox”.

Why Can’t I Paste Directly?

Many features of Anybox, such as Keyword Expansion, Quick Link, direct pasting, Quick Save, require API provided by Accessibility. Enable “Accessibility” for Anybox in “System Preferences” → “Security & Privacy” → “Privacy”.

Why Quick Save can’t retrieve Firefox’s current tab info?

Anybox uses Apple Script to retrieve the current tab’s info in Quick Save or URL Scheme anybox://save-tab.

Some browsers such as Firefox don’t support Apple Script.

You also need to allow Anybox’s permission request when you are using these features for the first time. You can still enable “Automation” in “System Preferences” → “Security & Privacy” → “Privacy” if you’ve declined the request.